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Meet Veterinary Care,

on Human Terms

Meet Veterinary Care,

on Human Terms

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Let’s Build, Together.

At Modern Animal, we’re building the world’s first veterinary company that’s centered around people. While we are here to help the animals, it’s clear that the best outcomes happen when we serve the humans involved too.  

From a network of thoughtfully designed clinics and in-house software to a unique membership model, we’re rethinking the ways our practitioners work and live, to usher in the next generation of veterinary care that our industry needs. A win-win-win for all.

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Meet Modern Animal

We’re a world-class team building the future of veterinary care.

Serving The People

Our care providers at all levels have the support they need to develop new skills, build sustainable careers and establish boundaries that allow for fulfilling lives outside of the exam room.

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Building Smarter Technology

We are excited to introduce our proprietary EMR system—Claude—which empowers our care providers to practice sustainably and deliver the personalized care that the modern world requires.

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Designing Warmer Clinics

Step inside our clinics to see how the spaces have been transformed to facilitate a more open and trusting relationship. We’re removing the typical stigma that going to the vet has, one patient at a time.

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Sightings in the Wild.

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