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We're committed to building the best place to work for veterinarians where you're given the tools and means to sustainably practice medicine that you’re proud of. When we invest in our people, the results follow - quality of care that no other practice of equivalent size can deliver and a more trusting relationship between our doctors and members.

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Care Enabled By Collaboration

Through every step of our patient journey, our doctors have the support of a full-scale, in-house virtual care team. They offer advice, refill prescriptions, report diagnostics results, and more. Our team of virtual doctors and technicians are equipped to continue and supplement care when our doctors are taking needed time away from the clinic.

Technology That Brings Us Together

At Modern Animal, all medical records are stored electronically in our in-house software and shared across our network in real-time. This helps us care for patients as a team by making record keeping quicker and more accurate and allowing care providers to instantly communicate with each other, regardless of location.

Comprehensive Training for Support Teams

We support our rigorous medical standards through training and upskilling our clinic's support teams. Whether it's through mentorship from experts, or dedicated training sessions, it's our priority to make sure everyone has the necessary resources and tools they need to deliver excellent care.

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A Fully Guaranteed Salary

Our business model enables us to offer fully guaranteed salaries so you’re able to prioritize work-life balance.

Equity in Modern Animal

As you grow your career with us as a veterinarian, we proudly offer equity in our shared success.

Generous Time Off

Feel empowered to take the time off that you need to feel rested, recharged, and ready to be your best.

Team Spotlight

"Before joining Modern Animal I was intrigued by the idea that they were here to change the veterinary industry. I have heard that time and time again but I can honestly say that Modern Animal truly means it. Every single person here is invested in making thoughtful and meaningful change to the industry in a sustainable way that scales. It is a privilege to feel like you are a part of a team every single day."

Dr. Jessie Hamilton | Area Medical Director




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